Why Excess?

Safety, Simplicity, Convenience

Protecting savings with the highest level of security available is the reason that credit unions have chosen to provide additional insurance coverage with Excess Share and Deposit Insurance. This additional insurance provides depositors with safety, simplicity and convenience – all without any direct cost to the member.

Rest easy knowing your funds are insured by MSIC. Since 1961, MSIC has been insuring funds at credit unions across the Commonwealth. During that time, no credit union member has ever lost even a penny of their savings.

Trying to make sure all your funds are insured can be complicated. Needing joint and organizational accounts to cover your account is a hassle and headache, with extra stress added from extra people on the account. Excess Insurance eliminates the stress of structuring accounts to ensure deposit protection by providing full protection, without the headaches.

Spreading accounts at multiple institutions for deposit insurance protection is an administrative nightmare. With Excess Insurance, all your funds can be protected in one place, keeping you from running around town every time you want to make a withdrawal.