MSIC/Tuck Executive Leadership Conference Hanover Inn, Hanover, NH

Over sixty-five members and guests attended MSIC’s Executive Leadership Conference.

On Friday, January 24, MSIC welcomed attendees to the MSIC/Tuck Executive Leadership Conference weekend which was held at the Hanover Inn in Hanover, New Hampshire. This program, which was designed in partnership with Professors Paul Argenti and Punam Keller from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, focused on "Leading Membership Organizations” and MSIC’s mission to help credit union members strengthen their relationship with their members. Throughout the weekend, the sessions encouraged open discussion regarding strategy, collaboration, leadership and how to prepare for a variety of industry challenges.

MSIC President & CEO Mike Hanson centered his presentation on strategy: what it is, why it’s needed, and the difference between strategy and strategic planning. Professor Keller’s presentation focused on matching member values to credit union goals and capabilities, and the link between membership and consumer identity. In Professor Argenti’s presentation, he talked about communicating with members clearly and consistently, the effectiveness of social media for credit unions to connect with members, and the importance of corporate responsibility to gain member trust and loyalty during troubled economic times. During the weekend, members were also introduced to new Massachusetts Credit Union League President Paul Gentile who emphasized spreading the word on the benefits of credit unions and their significant role in the community, and the roles of MSIC and the League to work cooperatively to advocate for credit unions in Massachusetts and across the country. The conference also gave attendees an opportunity to network with their peers and to exchange information and insight pertinent to all member institutions. This world-class educational conference was attended by 65 MSIC member representatives and their guests and received favorable reviews and feedback.