MSIC's Strategic Planning Workshop

Dear Member,

MSIC has provided Strategic Planning services to its members for a number of years.  Upon request, MSIC staff has facilitated many strategic planning sessions and retreats for our members.  Unfortunately, MSIC’s small staff size has made it impossible for us to offer these services broadly to all MSIC members.

This year we have developed a video version of the MSIC Strategic Planning Workshop to make our expertise available to all member institutions.  

Typically, MSIC Strategic Planning Sessions with credit union management and directors begin with (1) a discussion of the external economic environment, (2) a discussion of the global financial crisis, (3) a survey of the condition of the credit union industry, (4) an evaluation of the Massachusetts and New England economy and (5) a discussion of trends in consumer finance.  We call this the informational portion of the Strategic Planning Session, and it allows all participants to consider the broader challenges facing the institution and our industry.

Then, usually after lunch, management of the credit union presents a detailed evaluation of the institution’s finances and discusses the main challenges facing the particular market area.  Then, all participants discuss and choose the strategic objectives for the next one or two years.

These sessions usually can be finished in one day.

Our good friends at Southern Mass Credit Union allowed MSIC to record the informational portion at their strategic planning retreat held on December 3, 2011.  The result is the video sessions listed below, and also a DVD version designed for your use.

The Workshop and the DVD is structured in five sections:

    The Global Economy
    Status of the Industry
    Consumer Behavior
    Recent Industry Data
    The Massachusetts Economy

You may use these as part of your own Strategic Planning Session, or as a training tool for your staff and Board members.  If you do not have a formal Strategic Planning meeting scheduled, you may also use one section at a time as a Board or Staff training.

We hope you will find these materials useful as you seek to manage your institution in these uncertain times.

Please contact us if you have comments or questions, or if we can help you in planning your next Strategic Planning meetings.


Mike Hanson

President & CEO

Note: The video files below are in mpeg1 format and are quite LARGE, please right-click the link and select Save-As to save the file to your computer before attempting to open.  If you would like a copy of this presentation on DVD, please contact us at; 617-758-0540.

Part One, "The Global Economy", (240MB)

Part Two, "Status of the Industry" (980MB)

Part Three, "Consumer Behavior" (128MB)

Part Four, "Recent Industry Data", (118MB)

Part Five, "The Massachusetts Economy" (454MB)

The files below are smaller and require Adobe Flash in order to view.

Part One, "The Global Economy", (90MB) Adobe Flash File

Part Two, "Status of the Industry", (405MB) Adobe Flash File

Part Three, "Consumer Behavior", (50MB) Adobe Flash File

Part Four, "Recent Industry Data", (45MB) Adobe Flash File

Part Five, "The Massachusetts Economy", (176MB) Adobe Flash File